Rainbows and Butterflies

I grew up farming. I never considered it a “passion,” what with the early mornings helping dad, spending 16 hours a day on a tractor, and not to mention, the multiple encounters with rattle snakes.

Although, I always liked it, and never forgot how blessed I was to have such a beautiful upbringing.

But it wasn’t until May 16th, 2014 to be exact, that it all came to me…

I was tightly squeezed on the arm rest of the 4440 model John Deere tractor, next to my best friend in the entire world, as we applied fertilizer to a hay meadow in East Texas. It seemed to be a sensational day at first: Friday, good weather, no school, and best of all, we had just installed auto steer. What in the world could ruin this day?

Well, it took an abrupt turn. Literally. The field was rough, and unlike eastern Colorado, where there are ZERO trees, this field had enough to cause trouble. Braden took what he thought was an easy turn, and “CRACK!” There went the left boom, not quite in half, but close enough to cause a significant break.

We were easily thirty miles from the barn, where we would need to take the tractor to fix the boom. Ok, so I calmly tried to convince him that we could finish that field while we wait for our friend Tanner to bring the welder to us. So we make a round, and then the auto track starts beeping. The filters were clogged. We got out, cleaned them quickly, and were back in business…for maybe three minutes.

By this time, Braden had gotten off of the phone with a local parts dealership, who hadn’t ordered the right parts for his combine, which was waiting to be finished in the shop. So I thought I’d let him blow off some steam and clean the filters himself. Bad idea. He pulled a plug that squirted chemical everywhere-his whole left side was covered. He lividly stomped back to the tractor cab to tell me how miserable this day had become.

Yet another business call came in, so he jumped in (tight squeeze, let me remind you). He hung up the phone with severe frustration and said, “I’m so sick of this. Nothing goes right. Just when you want to have a productive day, it’s useless!”

I couldn’t help but grin.

“Darlin’, if you think it’s gonna be rainbows and butterflies, you’re in the wrong occupation.”

I’ll be darned, he smiled back.

Here’s my point: The boom was fixed in no time. The parts came in for the combine. The good Lord blessed us with a plentiful downpour, and Nana made Braden’s favorite meal.

So you know, maybe it is all rainbows and butterflies.  Things go wrong. It’s inevitable; we’re farmers! But at the end of the day, everything comes together.

It’s a perfect life. Just perfect.





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